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A-1 Higher Graphics designed prominent decals for Felix Baumgartner’s record skydive.
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A-1 Higher Graphics Elevates Red Bull Stratos with Stellar Design Work

In October 2012, the world watched in awe as Felix Baumgartner, sponsored by Red Bull, made history with the highest skydive ever recorded. Leaping from a helium balloon in the stratosphere, Baumgartner free-fell approximately 24 miles back to Earth, breaking the sound barrier during his descent before parachuting safely to the ground. This daring feat not only set records but also provided valuable data for aerospace advancements and safety.

A-1 Higher Graphics was thrilled to contribute to this groundbreaking event, known as the Red Bull Stratos project. They were tasked with designing the decals for both the transport trailer and the capsule from which Baumgartner made his historic jump. These designs were not only aesthetic enhancements but also served to promote and commemorate the event, featuring Red Bull’s branding alongside mission-specific graphics that highlighted the project's innovative spirit.

The involvement of A-1 Higher Graphics in the Red Bull Stratos project underscores the company's ability to participate in high-caliber, internationally recognized events. Their work provided crucial visual elements that helped shape the public’s perception of the mission. The decals created an instantly recognizable image that was broadcasted around the world, becoming a part of the visual identity associated with Felix Baumgartner's remarkable achievement.

Through this collaboration, A-1 Higher Graphics demonstrated their expertise in graphic design under extreme conditions, ensuring that their decals would withstand the atmospheric pressures and temperatures of the stratosphere. Their successful execution on such a prominent stage is a testament to their dedication to excellence and their capacity to meet the demands of any client, no matter the scope or scale of the project.

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Adam and his crew are top notch! I’ve had several sets of decals custom designed, and printed over the years for various projects. They always come out perfect, and in a timely manner. I would also consider them to be very affordable in relation to the amount of time spent on any given project.

Rett C.

Valued Customer

A-1 created custom decals for me that were extremely high quality and looked amazing. Adam called me prior to creating just to walk through what I wanted and what the final product would look like. He made sure we were on the same page and the outcome could not have been better.

Stuart S.

Valued Customer

A-1 Higher Graphics did a good job on window decals and multiple signage for our dealership. They came out we told them what we wanted to do and then they gave us a great estimate. They completed the projects quickly and did a great job. We have used them a couple of times and we will use them again in the future.

Virgil V.

Dealership Owner

I have been doing business with A-1 Higher Graphics for more then a decade now. I have always been greeted in a professional manner with exactly what I ordered, and always on time. Whatever Adam and the team have done for me has always been the quality I have grown to expect, I still have some of his work on my personal items 10 years later!

Andy H.

Loyal Client

I’ve ordered custom T-shirts and a banner for my son’s soccer team. Both times I’ve done business here have been amazing. For all of the time and effort these guys have to put into customizing every little detail for your product is worth every penny! The guys and super friendly and professional and my family and I will definitely be back!

Amanda G.

Satisfied Customer